Workshop and Equipment

Our Workshop in Belmont…….

Set in the beautiful Countryside, near the infamous ‘Biking’ hotspots, the Blue Lagoon and lagoon

All bikes in our care are fully insured against damage, fire or theft.

They are also insured in transit if you need us to transport them to or from your home.

Security is of high importance to us. We are on a secure business park, with 24 hour surveillance and we have our own personal 24 hour surveillance inside and outside the workshop, linked up to our own computers and mobile phones.

 We have shutters and a ram raid bar, our own CCTV and alarm. No keys are left on the premises overnight.

Our workshop is fully equipped with fully serviced fire extinguishers, and complies to all Health and Safety standards.

 We are 100% Environmentally friendly and conform to all the Environment agency policies. All our waste oil, filters and batteries and tyres are disposed of in the correct manner. So you can be assured your bike and the Environment

are in safe hands with us..

We are suppliers of all the following market leading products.
In order to preserve the lowest possible prices for customers, we order stock in rather than holding stock for each and every component and manufacturer. In this way you know that your parts are ‘fresh’ and up to date. Ordered stock normally comes to us on a next day delivery.



Here at Bolton Motorcycle Workshop we believe in offering an unsurpassed level of service & repair of your motorcycle.

To give you an insight in what makes us different, we use expert equipment to gain the best performance from your engine -this level is beyond what is found in many workshops.


The digital analyzer is the ONLY super accurate way to synchronize fuel injection throttle bodies – basic and cheap balance gauges are not accurate enough to adjust air mixture settings which synchronize injectors.

We also have the CO2 analyser to do Aprilia’s and Ducati’s via adapter plugs found in the exhaust headers – this is the only way to synchronize injectors on certain models…



Test Modes include:


1)   Selection for 2-stroke, 4-stroke, or rotary engine programs.

2)   Integral voltage meter display for alternator/regulator testing.

3)   Engine speed in R.P.M. is displayed during all induction tests.

4)   Bar graph display of up to 4 simultaneous vacuum inputs.

5)   Digital display table showing minimum and maximum vacuum (in of up to 4 simultaneous inputs over R.P.M. range.

6)   Bar graph display of differential vacuum of up to 4 inputs with any one chosen as reference cylinder.

7)   Bar graph display of differential tachometer measurement showing R.P.M. deviation from chosen engine speed for idle mixture adjustment.

8)   Graph display showing vacuum depression curves of each cylinder. By interpreting these curves it is possible to identify induction leaks, faults with inlet and exhaust valves, or related faults such as camshaft lobe wear etc. Up to 4 curves can be memorized for detailed analysis.

Fault Diagnosis

We also have the capability of identifying faults stored in the ECU’s of BMW, Benelli, Triumph, KTM & Suzuki  – We can quickly find the fault & clear the fault from the ECU, we then can optimize parameters in engine control to allow for changes in inlet & exhaust mods…


Suzuki factory dealer tools

suzuki tools


Don’t worry if you don’t own a Suzuki, these tools work on plenty of other bikes/parts!