We have one of Dunlops top of the range fully automatic tyre changers, this ensures your tyres are changed in safest way possible…
Dunlop fully automatic tyre changer

Dunlop fully automatic tyre changer

We give impartial advice on what tyre is best suited to your riding needs & budget.
We listen to customer feedback on tyre models & pass this information on to other customers to acknowledge.
All motorcycle tyres are date marked, or what we would call they’re “born on” date. This is found on the tyres side wall & is normally a four digit number.
The first two numbers refer to the week in the year the tyre was manufactured & the last two are the year. so as in the pic “04″ is the fourth week & the last two meaning the year 2014.
This is something to bear in mind when you see cheap deals on the internet, sometimes people rock up with 3 to 4 year old tyres and thats why they are so cheap – The newer the tyre the better it’ll perform.
All of the motorcycle tyres we supply & fit are of current stock and will have recent date codes on them….
The legal limit for motorcycle tyre tread depth is 1.0mm but even before this point, the tyres contact patch, feedback and overall wet n dry grip and stability have already been compromised.
Tyres are the only thing keeping you in contact with our poorly surfaced, bumpy, pot holed roads.
So don’t ignore what’s going on underneath you, your life can depend on it…
Refreshingly we don’t mind if you have bought your tyres from the net & just want us to simply fit & balance them for you!
If you are unsure of your which tyre’s you require for your riding & your motorcycle, information on correct size or you just simply would like us to check your tyre pressures & tyre condition – just pop down to the workshop & we will be happy to assist free of charge!
All our prices include – wheel balancing, new tyre valve, and environmentally safe disposal on your old tyre.
We are not a ride in ride out tyre centre, we offer a 48 hour turnaround on all tyres ordered through ourselves upon receipt of a 50% deposit….