Servicing Standards and Prices

Here we take a look at the all important “servicing standard” which can be the difference between your bike running worse than before you booked it in, or running and feeling as good as it was the day it left the showroom floor.

We do not carry out conveyer belt servicing. In other words we do not book in as many bikes as possible and rush through them to get them done on time. We have worked at too many dealerships where this is common practise, and inevitably vital aspects of the service are ignored and believe us this does go on…

This poor level of practise was the main motivation for starting the Motorcycle Workshop. We are in total control of all aspects of the service, from talking you through your needs and requirements, to booking your motorcycle in at your convenience, to carrying out the service on your motorcycle, to debriefing you on what we found and what to look out for in the future. We also show you any old parts we have removed from your motorcycle.

When your motorcycle is booked in with us it is given a dedicated time slot in which to carry out all aspects of the service to our industry leading standards.

Most bike shops shy away from the technical aspects of the service as they are labour intensive and thus time consuming, or they employ under qualified and inexperienced mechanics. The most commonly ignored aspect of the service is the vitally important valve clearance adjustment as most modern 4 stroke engines now run under bucket type shims, which means camshaft removal to replace the shim.

We provide you with your own copy of the suppliers sales invoice of any shims we have ordered to replace your old ones with. Something else you won’t have experienced at other bike shops – we can supply you with a short movie clip. This will indentify your motorcycle and will record any aspect of the service that you require proof of. As they say the video never lies and this shows absolute proof that you get what you have paid us to do!

We cover every part of servicing the latest spec motorcycles with the necessary specialist equipment. This also includes the fuel injection throttle bodies that run via a pressurised fuel pump system which is now found safely within the fuel tank of nearly every modern motorcycle. This means without the correct equipment accurate balancing of the throttle bodies with the fuel tank in place is virtually impossible on some models.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this page, and if you have any questions whatsoever, either call in, ring or email us

Servicing Prices

Here is a breakdown of our industry leading premium motorcycle services (All prices shown include VAT);-

Hourly Labour rate £50.50

Tyre fitment to bike £45.00

Tyre fitment to loose wheels £30.00

Liqui Moly Service

Liqui Moly 4t Street semi synthetic 10w/40 engine Oil change
Hi-flo Oil filter
Liqui Moly Engine flush shooter
Liqui Moly Speed shooter fuel additive
All over safety check
= £99.00












Grade 1 service

“Our most popular service”
This service is a wet fluid service, comprising of engine oil & oil filter, brake caliper and clutch fluid flush, coolant check/level adjust, drive shaft oil replacement – brake calipers are stripped & given a thorough clean and are greased up with preventative maintenance, all moving pivot points inspected & lubricated, lighting check, all chassis & wheel bearing check, fork and shock oil seal inspections, tyre pressure/condition check – chain cleaned, lubed and adjusted, all over safety checks = £162.50


Grade 2 Service
In addition to the Grade 1 service above, this service includes additional Spark Plug and Air filter replacement – using NGK spark plugs and OEM air filter. Here we can upgrade to NGK Iridium spark plugs and PiperCross air filter if required = from £280.00 to £350.00
Grade 3 Service
This service includes the most important aspects of engine servicing – valve clearance inspection & adjustment followed up by our electronic carburettor/FI throttle body synchronisation, Pro-Cool coolant system flush – this will ensure your engine runs as crisp & as smooth as it possibly can do!  = £390.00 to £450.00

Grade 4 service
This final service focuses on chassis performance; forks are completely stripped and inspected for wear on anti friction guide bushes; cartridges are thoroughly cleaned and rebuilt using Motul factory line oil for perfect performance; steering head bearings replaced; and swinging arm bearings and rear suspension linkage bearings are stripped, cleaned and inspected for wear and re-greased. The rear shock is sent away to be re-gassed and re-oiled – we finish this off with a custom suspension setup. = £550.00 to £750.00

You can also custom build your own spec service using elements from the existing Grades we offer!

We also allocate our own service grades in accordance with the manufacturer service menu, IE Honda CBR600RR 12,000 mile service equals our Grade 2 service – Suzuki GSX-R1000 14,500 mile full service would equal our Grade 3

If your motorcycle has been stood a while, then it will be still due a service and safety checks before being ridden again – time or mileage which ever has come up first. Here our Grade 1 service would fit the bill nicely if you are due on time, remember brake fluid is hydroscopic and absorbs water from the atmosphere, so it is always worth changing when the bike has been left standing a while…

If, for example when you arrive in with us, we find low brake pads or a badly worn tyre – we ALWAYS seek your authority before pressing on with any additional work – there are no hidden costs with us, just good honest service that will see you come back to us, again and again…