Having gradually built up a good reputation amongst Ducati owners and finding the bikes extremely enjoyable to work on from a mechanical point of view, they are on the whole quite basic machines with them just being “different” to the regular V-twins.

You can re-assemble them with great attention to detail that adds up to a great feeling of craftsmanship, and it can really make a difference with how a Ducati performs…

We happily carry out the replacement of cam belts and re-shim of the Desmodromic valve system. We have a trade account with the leading Ducati parts supplier, meaning items such as cam belts have the latest date code on them, not new old stock that’s been sat on someone’s shelf for years. Other Ducati service items like Fuel and Oil filters are all date marked too.

We have also acquired the necessary factory tools to carry out successful completion of all aspects of Ducati maintenance.

We follow the Ducati service schedule, especially the alternator rotor nut torque on the 2 wire alternator’s, we also know  important knowledge accumulated over the years that should keep your Ducati in tip top condition for many years to come.

If all that is not enough, we can put you in contact with genuine and current Ducati owners who are more than happy to validate the quality of our work.

'95 Ducati 916 Biposto In for 11,000mile service with cambelts
’95 Ducati 916 Biposto In for 11,000mile service with cambelts
Vicky Please tell Russ that my bike is running beautifully and rides better than I can ever recall since I bought it back in 1995. Thanks very much from one very satisfied customer and I’ll certainly be coming back and spreading the word as I’m out and about. Jim Haydock
Ducati 996 In for repair & setup
What a lovely couple Russ and Vicky are. They both make you feel that you and you bike are special, it doesnt matter whether your machine is brand new ,or a 10yr old like mine. I have been to Ducati and various establishments, but never reCieved the customer care or expertise that i recieved from Russ and Vicky.My Ducati now runs like a dream machine, and it didnt cost me an arm and leg.i would never take my bike to anyone else, and i have recomended him to all my biker mates Graham Cheetham
Ducati 996 In for repair & setup
1998 Ducati 916 Biposto In for major service with cam belts & valve clearance adjustment
1998 Ducati 916 Biposto In for major service with cam belts & valve clearance adjustment
Tom Lord said on May 7, 2011
Just had full service on my 916, the old girl runs like she should. top job Russ and Vicky,will call again DEFFO!!! WELL RECOMMENDED CHEERS.

Paolo Pirozzi was travelling the World in 80 days,

on a Multistrada sponsored by Ducati,

and he came too see little old us in Belmont!!

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