Here at Bolton Motorcycle Workshop, we take a different approach to motorcycle servicing.

We carry out Motorcycle Servicing to the highest standards not previously seen within the industry which not only meet expectations, but also the budget of YOU, the ordinary biker.

Every motorcycle brought into us is serviced to manufacturer specification as the minimum, but WE also add common sense, preventative maintenance and most importantly safety.

Changing the spark plugs & air filter in your motorcycle does not amount to a full service as many people seem to think, simple and often needless parts fitting isn’t motorcycle servicing.

We only use quality and well proven lubricants in your motorcycle, such as Silkolene and Castrol, all of which are motorcycle specific and conform to latest API SG, SH SJ, JASO MA & MA2 standards, to ensure your motorcycle has the highest quality of protection with performance. Both manufacturers are the industry leaders in motorcycle oil & lubricant technology.

When it comes to spark plugs, we only supply and fit NGK, again another industry leader and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to nearly every brand of motorcycle made today.

 We also offer Iridium electrode spark plug upgrades for most motorcycles.  Please contact us should you like to upgrade to NGK Iridium spark plugs in your motorcycle.

 We supply & fit Filtrex and Hi Flo motorcycle oil & air filters, which are all OEM manufacturer approved (it’s a little known fact that they are made in the same factory along side original equipment parts, just with different labels painted on).

Genuine original equipment manufacturer parts can be supplied & fitted upon your request, if for example you would like to maintain a manufacturer warranty on a new motorcycle, or you would like extra peace of mind on an older motorcycle.

Owners of motorcycles under 3 years old (or warranty period) can still experience the superior quality of the Bolton Motorcycle Workshop service. In most cases, a manufacturer warranty can be upheld, when parts fitted or a service is carried out to manufacturer specification by a mechanic with a recognised qualification in motorcycle mechanics (NVQ level), also with a factory training record, as well as using genuine OEM approved parts.

This information is from The Society of Motor Manufacturers’ and Traders Limited

“As a new vehicle owner you now have the choice of having your vehicle serviced at an authorised dealer or with an independent garage.

However, if you choose to have the vehicle serviced outside of the authorised dealer network you must ensure that the service is completed in accordance with the manufacturers recommended service intervals and servicing criteria.

You also need to retain proof of the service as this may be requested in the event of any warranty claim.

The recommended guidelines and service intervals will be provided within your service literature pack. We would strongly recommend that you read all of this information and seek clarification from the manufacturer if you are unsure on any particular point”.

Although time and time again I hear the same old story of

“I only use the main dealer to get my service book stamped up”, but then they tell me how they can’t tell the difference the service has made afterwards.

Well you should be able to FEEL the difference after your motorcycle has been serviced, especially when you are paying that main dealer premium.

When your motorcycle has been serviced & safety checked properly you stand a better chance of not needing that warranty claims form in the first place!

You can be rest assured when you need your motorcycle to be the very best it can be, you can visit us at Bolton Motorcycle Workshop in the knowledge that you are not paying for the fancy showroom lighting and displays – just for the thorough service you and your motorcycle deserve…